Protect Your Investment

Protect Your Investment
Over the years we all at one time or another dreamt of owning or upgrading to a higher end rod. When that day comes and the budget allows us to purchase it, we head to our favorite sporting good store. On the way home we carefully place it in our car or truck.
Once we get home we carefully take it out and add one of our reels to it if we didn’t purchase one with it. Spooling it with fresh line, we place the rod in our boat or rod locker if your boat has one and head to the lake to try it out.
After arriving at the lake we find the rod wasn’t in the spot where we placed it as it bounced around in the boat as we drove to the lake or when we go to pull it out of the rod locker, find it entangled amongst the other rods in the locker.
When we finally untangle the rods from each other, we attach our lure of choice and take the first couple of cast with it. Our choice of rod was more than what we expected out of it and we feel proud of owning such a great rod. Then as it seems to always happen we get snagged. With a pop of the rod tip to free our lure the rod explodes in our hand or we catch our first fish with it and the line breaks. Automatically we blame the rod for being defected or think the line was no good which at times happens to both rods and line however more often it was because the rod blank or line got nicked in transportation or from untangling the rod from another rod.
Some of you may have a had this happen to you weather it being with a newer or older rod/line sometime over the years.
To solve these problems a product called the Rod Sox was created by the pros who wanted to spend more time fishing when they’re on the water and less time untangling their rods. With the use of the Rod Sock their rods are always ready to use and safe from nicks.M - spinning - 7'6 carbon
The Rod Sox unique feature of being snag proof and hook resistant with their new rubber type mouth makes loading and unloading your rods into them a breeze. This also eliminates guides and hook hang ups from the mesh fraying and unrolling.
Each Rod Sock is made from the highest quality material and highest density weave on the market. Since the Rod Sox are UV resistant, breathable, mildew resistant and flexible, makes them a great solution in protecting your rods and lines on the market today.
A - casting 6' red
Rod Sox are double layered, size colored coded with a tapered tip that has a harden tip which protects the last guide and rod tip when placing or removing them from rod tubes or from rod lockers. This also protect your guides from damage, rod blank scratches and nicks.
The harden tip is also wrapped with a piece of color tape that allows you to identify the length of the rod making it easy to tell your rod lengths apart from one another at a glance.
Another great feature Rod Sox designed was the durable, rubber tag at the tip of it. By adding this has allowed them to incorporate a hang hole. With a simple tug on the rubber mouth will lock the Rod Sock in place so you can hang your rods up without slipping off your rod keeping them safe from damage while stored. By pushing on the rubber mouth upwards releases the lock, freeing the Rod Sox to easily slide off.  Gone are the days of leaning your rods up against something and accidentally breaking them.  3 - Casting - blue
Some more specific features of the Rod Sox are listed below:
Breathable – Rod Sox can go on wet or dry equipment. The breathable mesh allows air to easily pass through allowing any moisture out and drying your rod and line.

Safety Tip – The hardened tip of our Rod Sox protects the last guide/tip of rod from the wear and tear of placing or removing rods from rod lockers or any type of storage.

Durable Tag – With the addition of a hang hole in the new, durable, rubber tag, rods can now be “hung up” for storage, a great and safe way to save room and keep your rod out of harm’s way laying or leaning elsewhere. After the Rod Sox is completely seated on the rod, a gently tug on the rubber “mouth” will “Lock” the Rod Sox in place, and it won’t slip off. When it’s time to go fishing, a sim-ple push of the mouth upwards releases the “lock” and the Rod Sox will just slide right off

Easy Identification – The hard tip is wrapped with a color tape indicating the length of the rod it fits so that you can easily tell your rods apart and know which Rod Sox go on what rod when ready for storage. (For Example: green tip tape is for a 6’6″ rod, while red tip = 7′ rod, etc…)

Tangle Free—Avoid the tangling of rods and line when carrying gear to and from the water.

Mesh Density – The Original Rod Sox have the densest mesh of any rod pro-tector on the market. This makes them more durable over time, improves the protection of your rod, and allows a tighter weave for added safety of rod guides, especially micro-guides.

Improved Mouth – The new and im-proved pliable, rubber-type “mouth” on the bottom end of the Rod Sox seals the mesh from fraying or unroll-ing, as well as protects the rod paint from any scratching from open mesh. In addition, the rubber mouth pro-vides about a 1 3’4″ protective bar-rier between the hook and the mesh to prevent lure hang-ups. 15 - Spinning - yellow

ROD SOX – Tip Color and Size Reference:

TIP          SIZE               LENGTH OF ROD

Black –   Small   (Marked for 6′ Rods) – Fits 5’10” to 6’3″

Green – Reg       (Marked for 6’6″ Rods) – Fits 6’4″ to 6’9″

Red –      L           (Marked for 7′ Rods) – Fits 6’10” to 7’3″

Yellow – XL        (Marked for 7’6″ Rods) – Fits 7’4″ to 7’9″

Blue –     XXL      (Marked for 8′ Rods) – Fits 7’10” to 8’3″

NEW! Rod Sox for longer rods!

Available in  9’, 10’, 12’, 14’ and 16’


Weather you own a small or big boat or happen to fish with other anglers like I do at times or are a co-angler, Rod Sox makes carrying your rods in protected, tangle free way.
The next time you pick up a rod regardless of price, protect your investment with A Rod Sox and you won’t have to worry about your rod or line the next time you go to use it.
Written by Exist To Fish Canada Author David Reid:
Exist To Fish Canada Writer David Reid

Exist To Fish Canada Writer David Reid

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