Product Review: Deeper Fishfinder

Product Review: Deeper Fishfinder
Date: Jan.29, 2016
Product type: FishFinder – Sonar
Manufacturer: Deeper
Reviewer: Dean Schenk






Deeper fish finder is the first of its kind portable, wireless sonar, compatible with 7000+ iOS and Android devices, specially designed to find the location of fish, depth, water temperature, bottom contour and much more. Let’s see how it works on the ice!




(Deeper Fishfinder) Specifications
Type Bluetooth Wireless Sonar
Length 65mm (2.6 inches)
Weight 100 grams (3.5 oz.)
Material ABS
Hooks N/A
Colors Black
Origin USA – Lithuania
MSRP 299.00 CA




The quality and construction of the Deeper Fishfinder is very good. The ABS plastic held up to being dropped on the ice in -30C weather as well as dropped into the hole and hitting the sides of the ice when a fish was pulled through the hole. The markings on the deeper to ensure you have a proper seal were a nice addition. With a built in Bluetooth antenna and no power switches or cords to worry about makes the Deeper very mobile and versatile.


Quality Ratings for (Deeper FishFinder)
Finish(1-5) Level of Detail(1-5) Hardware(1-5) Craftsmanship(1-5) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
5 5 4 5 19 20 9




The Deeper performed as advertised. Right out of the box and into the water after a quick charge the deeper was easily connected to my Ipad and Iphone. The Deeper app is easy to navigate and is full of additional features beyond the sonar screen. The sonar screen was easy to read and view without any adjustments. There is a slight delay from the Bluetooth signal about half a second but once I got used to it there was no issue. Highly accurate and clear sonar shots revealed most of the fish species with crystal clarity as well as any size hook that I used. Interference from surrounding sonars is an issue with no interference rejection options but this will occur with any sonars in close proximity.

 Dean with deeper


Performance Ratings (Deeper Fishfinder)
Castability(1-5) Ease of Use(1-5) Quality of Action (1-5) Position at Rest (1-5) Durability (1-5) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
N/A 5 N/A 5 5 25 8



The Deeper Fishfinder is really small and light making it very mobile when hole hopping or traveling and it comes with a small protective carrying bag. The deeper doesn’t take up very much room in the hole so not having to remove it when you catch a fish is great. Also being wireless there is no issues with tangling fishing lines around cords. I would recommend a waterproof protective case for your mobile device so splashing water isn’t an issue. There is an LED light indicator to let you know when the Deeper is charged and ready to go.


Feature /Design Ratings (Deeper Fishfinder)
  Consistency(1-5) Weight(1-5) Realism (1-5) Range of sizes (1-3) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
5 5 3 3 16 18 10

 Deeper on phone



I would use the deeper when traveling and I am unable to pack a lot of gear. It is a great option for hole hopping when you want to quickly see if there are any fish in the area and keep moving to stay on top of them. I would most likely be using the Deeper in a heated shack or hut as mobile devices don’t agree with really cold weather for extended periods of time. I will also be using the deeper from shore and in my boat this summer. The size and mobility of the Deeper is key to always being able to utilize sonar technology in situations where you might not be able to take your larger permanent sonar units. It won’t replace my permanent or large sonars but will be a great addition to cover every situation on the ice, water and shore.



(Deeper Fishfinder) Collective Final Rating
Construction/Quality 9  
Performance 8  
Price 9
Features 10
Design (Ergonomics) 10
Application 7  
Total Score 8.8
Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = MUST HAVE  



The Deeper Fishfinder is a great entry level sonar. Perfect for someone who wants to use sonar technology without breaking the bank. It is well built and performed as advertised. The only issue I had was not with the Deeper but with my mobile device not working in really cold weather -30C. The Deeper App is packed with options and features. I can see many applications where the Deeper will be a welcome addition to my tools to catch more fish. Anyone who doesn’t have a fishfinder the Deeper fishfinder would be a great place to start. If you do currently have sonars/flashers the deeper is a nice addition to compliment them in many situations.

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