Product Review: Tuck N Tackle

Product Review: Tuck N Tackle
Date: 7/5/2016
Product type: Two Piece Rod Transportation System
Manufacturer: Tuck N Tackle
Reviewer: Exist To Fish







Rod transport has never been so safe, snug and efficient. Protect the tips of your rod, while preventing your line from knotting. Tuck N Tackle utilizes tension to give anglers a smart solution that takes seconds to secure.



(Two Piece Rod Transportation System) Specifications
Type Fish Rod transportation
Length 1×2”
Weight Very Lightweight
Material Plastic
Hooks NA
Colors Black
Origin USA
MSRP 14.99 USD





Tuck N Tackle is designed to cover the tips of the rod during transport to protect against them from damage. Once the tips get damaged, the rod will rarely function the same. Tuck N Tackle is the only product designed to use  line tension to maintain proper system alignment, keeping the line free from detrimental contact. Other products put unwanted stress on the line which can lead to damage. Due to the amount of tension that the Tuck N Tackle is built to allow, the line avoids the risk of loosening. A loose line results in knotting or bunching at the reel point.

Quality Ratings for (Two Piece Rod Transportation System)
Finish(1-5) Level of Detail(1-5) Hardware(1-5) Craftsmanship(1-5) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
4 4 4 4 16 20 8




Tuck N Tackle allows you to transport your two-piece fishing rod at half length without removing your tackle. The best part is the simplicity. The cap and clip use the tension of the fishing line to hold the system securely in place. Tuck N Tackle is made in the USA, molded for rugged outdoor use with high-grade, durable plastics.


Performance Ratings (Two Piece Rod Transportation System)
Castability(1-5) Ease of Use(1-5) Quality of Action (1-5) Position at Rest (1-5) Durability (1-5) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
4 4 4 4 4 25 8



Tuck N Tackle was primarily designed for safe and efficient, half-length transport of a single two-piece rod. To protect from damage caused by rods and lines rubbing against each other and minimizes the space needed for transportation and storing.

Feature /Design   Ratings (Two Piece Rod Transportation System)
  Consistency(1-5) Weight(1-5) Realism (1-5) Range of sizes (1-3) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
4 4 4 2 14 18 7.8




With your drag set to medium, simply attach the hook to one of the guide mounts on the top half of the rod. Separate the top half and place the cap on the bottom half of the rod. Swing the top half like a clock arm around and insert the top half into the second hole. Allow the drag to hold both halves in the cap. Use the clip to attach the tip top of the rod to the handle. You’re ready to transport safely and with ease.


(Two Piece Rod Transportation System) Collective Final Rating
Construction/Quality   8
Performance   8
Price   8
Features   8
Design (Ergonomics)   7.8
Application   8
Total Score 7.9
Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = MUST HAVE  



Tuck N Tackle has been created as a solution for anglers who have limited time and don’t have extra space for transporting full length rods. Mission accomplished. This is a great little item for the angler on the go!

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