On Your Mark, Get set, Kamooki!!!

On Your Mark, Get set, Kamooki!!!

Get ready to fish like you have never fished before! SmartFish™ is engineered with patented technology to deliver the most versatile presentation with every cast. The power is in your hands to SmartFish™ your way

The excitement is just killing me, the spring walleye hunt is drawing near. As I rummage through the multitude of baits in my arsenal for toothy critters in spring, the one that stands out is the Smartfish by Kamooki ltd.
The reason for my excitement? The versatility factor. The ability to fan cast key areas, vertically jig the Smartfish, bottom bounce or simply deadstick them is revolutionary to me. These baits are nose weighted and neutrally buoyant in the tail which means that the Smartfish stands up in an enticing, self balancing position which mimic’s a feeding baitfish. This is a “trigger” that creates a feeding response in walleye (and any sportfish). It’s unique spiraling, circular action when vertically jigged mimic’s an injured or fleeing baitfish, which is another key “trigger”.  The nose down position coupled with the tight, consistent wobble indicative of the best rattlebaits means that I have the ultimate control to retrieve it as steadily or erratically as I see fit.
Trolling you ask? Absolutely. I’ll control depth with length of line and rod position or possibly the use of  a dipsy diver in some situations. Heck, some walleye anglers attach crankbaits to 3-way rigs to run the bait a few inches off bottom which I might try as well. Having the ability to present these baits in such a wide variety of ways and situations means that my ability to deduce the depth fish are holding, and if they are keying in on vertical or horizontal presentations, becomes much faster (thus making me much more efficient on the water).

Kamooki’s patented technology is what really separates the SmartFish™ from all other lures. The secret of the SmartFish™ is in harnessing the intricate relationship between the buoyant and non-buoyant properties. This is best demonstrated when the lure is resting on structure, where remarkably, the SmartFish™ maintains its upright profile on a single contact point. It is in this position, that the SmartFish™ achieves mechanical equilibrium. Through the harmony of its precisely crafted zinc keel and bottom-heavy design, integrated with a beautiful, uniquely shaped body, the SmartFish™ comes alive!

In clear water I’ll favor natural patterns like “Yellow Perch”, “Walleye” or “Natural Shad” while in murky darker waters, more gaudy color choices such as “Green Tiger” will get the nod. I’ll start my search in tributaries and their backwaters, river and creek mouths and adjacent humps and main breaklines in search of post-spawn walleye. During daylight periods I’ll search in deeper  weed edges along these breaklines and humps adjacent to the spawning grounds, while shallow flats and points during dusk periods could be the ticket. In open water I’ll lean on 6’6”-7’6” casting combos spooled with 10-12lb fluorocarbon and when I cast and jig in and around heavier vegetation I’ll go with a 6’6”-7’2” med-heavy spinning combo spooled with 20-30lb braid. In all situations I will always use a high quality snap swivel to combat line twist.
As I write this my heart races and I just can’t contain my excitement! I’ve gotta run to my tackle room and continue to re-tool! See you out there,
Jamie Wilson-Head writer/editor at www.existtofish.com, featured writer-Scout.com, Fishulo on Scout, Past- Angling Authority, Rahfish, ODM, Core Mag, BNM
Check out the Smartfish at www.kamooki.ca
Exist To Fish Christmas Wish List

Exist To Fish Christmas Wish List

Well it’s that time of the year again.  The boats are put away for the winter as the ice starts to form.
With Christmas around the corner, many of us are starting to think about  what we would like for Christmas or are looking for gift ideas for friends or family.
If you are anything  like the Exist To Fish Staff, you probably lost a few baits this year.
We are all excited about new and existing fishing product’s that we have not had an opportunity to purchase or test out. They just were not in your budget at the time or perhaps you are thinking about trying a new lure this winter or in 2016!!
I asked the Staff at Exist to Fish what they where going to ask Santa for this year.
Here are the top picks on their wish list!
Dean Schenk  : “On my Xmas wish list would be a pair of Smith Backdrop sunglasses to protect my eyes when on the water and ice”. 
SMITH Backdrop

SMITH Backdrop

Product Features:
A perfect medium-sized complement to the Touchstone, the Backdrop incorporates the same great features like stainless steel spring hinges and megol contact surfaces at the nose and temple tips. ChromaPop™ polarized lenses provide the highest level of enhanced color and clarity, or choose Techlite glass lenses for unparalleled optics and scratch resistance.
“Also a tube of liquid mayhem walleye attractant in my stocking as I use it on the hard water all winter”.
Liquid Mayhem

Liquid Mayhem

Product Features:
  • Made with real minnows in a super concentrated form. Contains natural baitfish enzymes infused with powerful amino acids and other bite stimulants
  • formulated to target a fishes olfactory glands and trigger big strikes. Fish hold on to artificial bait longer meaning more hooks ups and more fish in the boat
  • No mess formula stays on the bait, not in the boat. Super concentrated. A tiny amount goes a long way.
Mike Lamoureux : “I would like the EzCam post. I would love to have the EzCam mounted to my boat to give me the extra camera angle for my fishing videos with my Go Pro!”
EzCam Post

EzCam Post

Product Features:
The EzCam Post is the worlds PREMIER universal camera mount. It will work with any camera, smartphone, and/or camera accessory. It will secure to any object up to 3” in diameter and telescopes from 27” to 6’ in height. Not only will you be able to capture stunning pictures and videos, it will protect your camera from falling over. Perfect for use in boats by attaching to seat pedestals, simple and quick to set-up and use. The mounting plate has a reversible thread, 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 like any good tripod or monopod, so you can be sure any camera or accessory can be mounted to it.
Chris Huskilson : “I would like a underwater fishing camera!! I can think of a million different situations where I would use this! Having the ability to mark fish on my graph and drop a camera down to identify the species would be a huge benefit! This Camera, from Pyle,  looks incredible! And is very reasonably priced in comparison to other models out there.”
pyle camera

pyle camera

Product Features:

  • Take Pictures and Record Videos Underwater in Color
  • Drop the Camera in the Water and See Where the Fish are Hiding
  • Waterproof Marine Grade Camera
  • 3.5” inch Digital LCD Display
  • Instantly Preview your Videos and Picture on the LCD Monitor
  • Durable, Reinforced & Submergible Wired Camera
  • Infrared LED Night Vision Sensors Illuminate Dark Environments
  • Camera Cable Sinks up to 15 Meters Deep
  • Micro SD Memory Card Slot
  • Easily Save Files and Transfer to PC or Mac
  • System Includes Wired Camera, LCD Display, Display Holder, Pole Mounting Brackets and Charging Cable
  • Conveniently Mounts to Your Fishing Rod
  • Brightness, Contrast & Color Display Adjustments
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery: 3000mAh (3.7V Lithium)
  • Up to 8 Hour Battery Life
  • Observe Underwater Fish Behavior and Environments 
  • 30 Mega Pixel Wide Angle Lens
  • Built-in IR LED Night Vision Illumination
  • Resolution: 640 x 380
  • Image Sensor: ¼” inch
  • Size: 0.8” x 1.0” inches
  • Weight: 0.35 g
  • Operating Temperature: -10 to 40 Celsius 
    LCD Display:
  • Screen Size: 3.5 inches
  • 4X Digital Zoom Function
  • Resolution: 960 x 240
  • Backlight Brightness: 300cd
  • Protective Flip-Open Cover
  • Universal Threaded Mounting Insert
  • Easy Operation Touch Button Controls
  • Display Housing (L x W x H): 4.2” x 3.0” x 1.9” inches
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Sold as: 1 set
  • Weight: 1.26 lbs.

Jamie Wilson : “One item I truly want from Santa this year is, without a doubt, several packs of Lake Fork Trophy Lures’ “Live Magic Shads”  This segmented plastic swimbait has an amazing and very unique action, along with exceptional durability and a great line of colors. With the ice fishing season just around the corner I have to start gearing up so I’m ready for big, hungry Lake Trout. Then when summer comes, there’s nothing better than a swimbait to fire up big Bass. So come on Santa I’ve been a good boy this year, a couple in every color in both 3.5″ and 4″, regular and boot tail please! P.S- come down from the North Pole anytime and I’ll put you on some big fish!”

live magic shad

live magic shad

Product Features:

Our New Boot Tail Magic Shad Swimbaits feature a “Boot Tail” design that utilizes an innovative tail combined with the patented swim slots of our “Live” Magic Shad Lure. The slots in the tail enhance the lure’s realistic swimming action-especially at slower speeds used for umbrella rigs, jigheads, Carolina rigs, or swimbait hook rigging. Hook slots on top and bottom aid in weedless hook rigging.

Length Quantity per Package
3.5″ 6
4.5″ 4



Alex Meletis: “I would absolutely like my go to bait weather it be trolling or casting for both muskies and pike. The Shallow Invader from Musky Innovations They provide a color chart, so any pattern is possible. Why I want these is because I know they catch fish in all conditions and are a reliable and durable bait.”
Shallow Invader

Shallow Invader

Product Features:
LURE DESCRIPTION:  The Shallow Invader is one of the most innovative shallow crankbaits on the market today.  This “hybrid” lure combines a hard plastic crankbait head with a hand-poured, soft plastic action body and tail.  This knockout combination creates incredible serpentine action that drives large gamefish crazy.  The tail is replaceable.  If it gets chewed up or you want to change colors, changing it is a snap.  Pull the tail straight back until it pulls off the tail post.  Push your new tail on the post until the rib on the back of the head is seated on the ridge in the tail.  You can add some super glue for an even stronger hold.
LURE SPECIFICATIONS:  The Shallow Invader is 9″  long and is about 2 oz.  It has extra strong 3/0 wide gap hooks for best hook-ups.  It comes in many different fish catching colors for all your angling needs.  The Shallow Invader runs 2-4 feet and is a lethal twitch bait.
HOW TO FISH THE INVADER:  Use the Shallow Invader in all shallow crankbait/twitchbait situations.  Cast or troll on shallow flats, rocky points, mid lake reefs, and over the tops of weedbeds.  The Shallow Invader can be used as a very effective twitch bait.  A good technique is to pause several times in mid retrieve.  Because the lure floats when stopped, it is very effective in the weeds.   It imitates an injured bait fish often drawing strikes from even fickle gamefish.
Matt Arrigo :  “I would love to add a Deeper Sonar to my arsenal this coming season.”


Product Features:
Deeper – smart sonar is a first of its kind, portable, wireless fish finder that utilizes technology on your smart phone or tablet. Specially designed for amateur and professional fishermen.
Tech Specs
Size: 2.6″/ 6.5 cm diameter
Compatibility: From iOS 5.0 and Android 2.3 to the latest iOS and Android devices
Construction: ABS
Weight: 0.22 lb/ 100 grams
Connection: Wireless Bluetooth connection
Bluetooth Range: Up to ~140 ft – 160 ft/ ~40-50 meters. Depends on the OS and smartphone model.
Depth Range Max/Min: 130 ft (40 m) / wide angle – 4.3 ft (1.3 m); narrow angle – 2 ft (0.5 m)
Temperature: Water temperature Sensor
Temperature unit: Celsius / Fahrenheit
Operational Temperature: -4F to 104F/ -20C to 40C
Battery: Lithium Polymer, 3.7V Rechargeable; lasts for 6 hours of non stop usage; takes 2 hours to fully charge.
Power Adapter: Compatible with 110V / 240V. Micro USB.
Sonar type: Dual beam
Frequency: 290 kHz (15°) / 90 kHz (55°)
Color: Black
Models and logistic GLOBAL version: SKU: FLDP09; EAN: 4779032950213; 32pcs/master carton;ASIA version: SKU: FLDP10; EAN: 4779032950206; 32pcs/master carton

Robert Conley: 
Shelley Langley: “The best and most functional item under her Christmas tree would be an Eclipse UPF 50+ shirt to protect my skin from the sun while fishing.”

Eclipse UPF

​Keep an eye on Eclipse for an exciting new product launch coming soon.

Product Features:
Eclipse is a Canadian company offering UPF 50+ clothing to protect against the sun’s harmful rays. After being cleared of skin cancer back in January of 2014, I decided to protect myself against further damage by creating a line of apparel that offers UPF 50+ with high quality fabric. Eclipse products are Made in Canada and offer protection through the fabric and not a chemical coating. The current product line is a generous size that accommodates both men and women that want protection from the sun while outdoors. More products including long sleeves will be available soon. 
Colin Booth : “I have had my eye on Eco Pro Tungsten for some time now and would love to add some of their products to my arsenal.  I love to flip plastics so their tungsten bullet weights are an easy pick for me!”
Eco Pro Tungsten Flippin Weights

Eco Pro Tungsten Flippin Weights

Product Features:

Eco Pro Tungsten weights are 97% pure eco friendly tungsten. Fray Free, insert free and lead free, Eco Pro Tungsten weights offer serious advantages over lead. Eco Pro Tungsten cast farther and more accurately than lead. Actually feel what you have been missing! Smaller, dense tungsten is super sensitive, allowing you to detect more strikes and catch’s more fish while greatly reducing hang ups! Special “seal coat” painting resist chips and scratches.

“Nobody makes all the cool colors than Eco Pro Tungsten does. They allow me to match my weights with my favorite plastics!”

David Reid: “I would like nothing more than some more Rod Sox.  With their proprietary unique feature, a snag proof, hook resistant rubber type mouth makes loading and unloading my rods quick and easy.”
Rod Sox

Rod Sox

Product Features:

RodSox Features:

Breathable – Rod Sox can go on wet or dry equipment. The breathable mesh allows air to easily pass through allowing any moisture out and drying your rod and line.

Safety Tip – The hardened tip of our Rod Sox protects the last guide/tip of rod from the wear and tear of placing or removing rods from rod lockers or any type of storage.

Durable Tag – With the addition of a hang hole in the new, durable, rubber tag, rods can now be “hung up” for storage, a great and safe way to save room and keep your rod out of harm’s way laying or leaning elsewhere. After the Rod Sox is completely seated on the rod, a gently tug on the rubber “mouth” will “Lock” the Rod Sox in place, and it won’t slip off. When it’s time to go fishing, a simple push of the mouth upwards releases the “lock” and the Rod Sox will just slide right off.

Easy Identification – The hard tip is wrapped with a color tape indicating the length of the rod it fits so that you can easily tell your rods apart and know which Rod Sox go on what rod when ready for storage. (For Example: green tip tape is for a 6’6″ rod, while red tip = 7′ rod, etc…)

Tangle Free – Avoid the tangling of rods and line when carrying gear to and from the water.

Mesh Density – The Original Rod Sox have the densest mesh of any rod protector on the market. This makes them more durable over time, improves the protection of your rod, and allows a tighter weave for added safety of rod guides, especially microguides.

Improved Mouth – The new and improved pliable, rubber-type “mouth” on the bottom end of the Rod Sox seals the mesh from fraying or unrolling, as well as protects the rod paint from any scratching from open mesh. In addition, the rubber mouth provides about a 1 3’4″ protective barrier between the hook and the mesh to prevent lure hang-ups.

Since I only asked the Team for a couple of products that they would like to have, as I know their wish list would have been too long for this article longer, Please visit http://existtofish.com/ and check out our Product Reviews and Articles for more ideas.
From all of us at Exist To Fish Canada, Merry Christmas and may your Holiday season be joyous and safe.
Exist To Fish Canada Writer David Reid

Exist To Fish Canada Writer David Reid

ETF xmas logo


Product Review : Musky Innovations Shallow Invader

Product Review : Musky Innovations Shallow Invader

Date: 10/23/2015
Product type: Shallow Invader
Manufacturer: Musky Innovations
Reviewer: Alex Meletis



Shallow Invader

Shallow Invader





When I am guiding for Northern Pike in North Western Ontario or back in my home waters in southern Ontario chasing Muskies I have one rule, there is no way I’m leaving my cabin or house without a Musky Innovations Shallow Invader and big brother the 13 inch Magnum Shallow Invader in my arsenal. The hard plastic body and soft plastic tail design paired with the UV Reflex creates a realistic look and swimming action that is unmatched. I have been chasing Essox for many years and have yet to come across a bait that out fishes the Shallow Invader. Not only do they catch fish after fish but the quality is fantastic. The best part is once the tail has been completely destroyed and is past repairing, Musky innovations sales replacement tails. Trolling or casting the Shallow Invader produced results in all conditions. With an assortment of colors available including custom colors, UV colors and regular colors there shortage of finding a color or colors that will be superior on the system you are fishing. Truly a must have lure in your tackle box.




(insert Product name) Specifications
Type Shallow Invader
Length 9”
Weight 2oz
Material Soft plasic tail hard body
Hooks Mustad 3/0 Wide Gap
Colors UV White Fish
Origin Cleveland,WI
MSRP  18.99 USD



Quality Ratings for (Shallow Invader)
Finish(1-5) Level of Detail(1-5) Hardware(1-5) Craftsmanship(1-5) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
5 5 4 5 19 20 9


Exist To Fish Canada Author Alex Meletis

Exist To Fish Canada Writer Alex Meletis


The performance of the Musky Innovations Shallow Invader is unmatched. With its low profile body and swim action, these baits tend to drawn in more fish than any other bait I have used. The jerk pause or straight retrieve when casting allows the bait to swim naturally and not tangle which results in more well-presented and naturally presented casts over fowl ups. Trolling while long lining 60-70 ft of line at 2-3 MPH or 10-15ft of line out in the prop wash behind the boat at 4-6 MPH, I have never experienced any blow outs. The balance of the bait is perfect. After multiple fish the bait keeps the original swim action with no altercations to the bill, tail, body or through wire eyelets.



Performance Ratings (Shallow Invader)
Castability(1-5) Ease of Use(1-5) Quality of Action (1-5) Position at Rest (1-5) Durability (1-5) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
5 5 5 5 4 24 25 6



Key features of the Muskie Innovations Shallow Invader are its performance in the water and its ability to have tail repairers multiple times and still keep its original action. This is crucial when on the water because you may have only a few of the key patterns that seem to draw the big girls to the boat that with you. There are tons of baits that once they have cracked etc.. Loose their ability to perform the same action as previous to their destruction. The through wire features gives you durability and confidence that by eliminating screw eyes nothing can get loose resulting in loss of fish. The UV design which Musky Innovations has also carried through most of their line of lures, allows the bait to be presented more naturally in the water. We cannot see UV light but fish can. Penetrating the water bait fish naturally reflects UV light and when added to a bait the lures attracts more fish to commit rather than just follow.



Feature /Design   Ratings (insert product name)
  Consistency(1-5) Weight(1-5) Realism (1-5) Range of sizes (1-3) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
5 5 5 3 18 18 10




I use Shallow Invaders from season open to season close. Because these baits can be casted or trolled you can speed or slow your retrieve depending on the energy level of the game fish and while “matching the hatch”. Early season to mid-season I tend to have a faster retrieve (less pauses faster figure eights) then later in the season where my retrieve slows down adding more pauses when casting the Shallow Invader results in more fish netted. When trolling a weed edge in slow water (6-12ft) I find these baits are most effective when speed trolling 4-6 MPH with 10-15 FT of line out. When fishing a deep rock pile or point (12-30ft) I find these baits do best when long lining trolling.



(Shallow Invader) Collective Final Rating
Construction/Quality 8
Performance 10
Price 8
Features 10
Design (Ergonomics) 10
Application 10
Total Score 56
Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = MUST HAVE  



All Musky Innovations baits are amazing! Definitely a go to bait when targeting Northern Pike in North Western Ontario Also a deadly bait when targeting Muskie from early season into late. The Mag and regular Shallow Invader has a multi-use feature, by this I mean it can be casted or trolled. One of the best features of this bait is the swimming action. When casting it can be straight retrieved or used as a jerk bait. Because of the profile/weight ratio the bait will stay up right when paused in the water column allowing a hang time for a Essox predator to take advantage of the moment. Trolling this bait can be right in the prop wash or long lined with no blow outs. The UV Reflex colors allow fish to see this bait naturally as bait fish reflect UV light which fish can see. I would recommend this bait to all anglers starting out or who have not yet tried Shallow Invaders.


Exist To Fish Canada Author: Alex Meletis

Exist To Fish Writer Alex Meletis

Exist To Fish Writer Alex Meletis


Product Review: Lake Fork Tackle Premium Series 1.5 Finesse Square Bill

Product Review: Lake Fork Tackle Premium Series 1.5 Finesse Square Bill

Date: 10/28/15
Product type: Crankbait (Square bill)
Manufacturer: Lake Fork Trophy Lures
Reviewer: Jamie Wilson






There’s one type of bait every Bass angler has in their box, crankbaits, and I’m no different. If I’ve learned something about these baits is that it is good to have a wide selection to choose from. Square bill crankbaits are a very important variation that should be considered and I found a neat little option, the Premium Series 1.5 finesse

LFT Premium Series 1.5 finesse Square Bill

LFT Premium Series 1.5 finesse Square Bill

Square Bill from my friends at Lake Fork Trophy Lures. At times, it was almost unfair to the Bass and the other anglers in the boat when I worked these baits.




(1.5 Finesse Square Bill) Specifications
Type Square bill crankbait
Length 21/4”
Hooks Black nickel trebles
Colors 12 colors to choose from
Origin Texas, U.S.A
MSRP $6.99 American funds



“Premium Series” definitely defines these high end, high quality crankbaits. Lake Fork Trophy Lures took craftsmanship to the max while keeping in mind that durable hardware and a variety of color choices would make this an effective, sought after bait choice. Airbrushed finishes along with realistic eyes (very important) makes for a very high level of detail and realism that mimics a wide variety of forage found everywhere from Texas to northern Ontario


Quality Ratings for (1.5 Finesse Square Bill)
Finish(1-5) Level of Detail(1-5) Hardware(1-5) Craftsmanship(1-5) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
5 5 5 5 20 20 10



How do these baits perform? Exceptionally. When using the proper rod, reel, line combination, the 1.5 Finesse Square Bill shines. Because of its smaller size, a 7’ medium/light-medium power, medium speed spinning rod paired with a 5.4-1 speed reel spooled with 8-10lb fluorocarbon line is ideal. If a baitcaster is your thing, then I would stick with a medium/light power with the same specs as mentioned previously. These set-ups will allow for maximum castability and ease of use for even the most novice of angler. The action is very natural and subtle which makes for an easy meal for the laziest, most neutral Bass. It has a tight wobble that doesn’t diminish from very slow, to super-fast retrieves. I’ve bounced these baits through rocks, bumped them into stumps and through vegetation and caught limits of big smallmouth and largemouth with zero damage to the bill, body or hooks. Very impressive for a smaller version of a timely classic such as a power style crankbait.



Performance Ratings (1.5 Finesse Square Bill)
Castability(1-5) Ease of Use(1-5) Quality of Action (1-5) Position at Rest (1-5) Durability (1-5) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
4 5 5 n/a 5 19 20 9.5


The Premium Series by Lake Fork Trophy Lures has just been introduced within the last year or so I believe so as far as the 1.5 Finesse Square Bill is concerned, there is only one size to choose from at this point. I’m sure that in the future more sizes of crankbaits will be introduced but, this particular size of bait is very useful. As previously mentioned, the realism and action combined with the 1.5 Finesse Square Bill is something different to add, and ultimately round out an angler’s crankbait selection. Its weight and size are perfect for finesse cranking.


Feature /Design   Ratings (1.5 Finesse Square Bill)
  Consistency(1-5) Weight(1-5) Realism (1-5) Range of sizes (1-3) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
5 5 5 1, *N/A 16 18 9.5



Being a square bill style crankbait, there are a wide range of applications for this little gem. Scraping substrate such as rocks, sand or a combination of the two is a deadly presentation for triggering aggressive to neutral Bass. For example, crawling/bouncing the 1.5 Finesse Craw, along a rocky bottom for smallmouth can be the order of the day. Smallmouth will favor small crawfish as they are easy to digest and are an absolute delicacy for them. Also, so are small bluegill, herring, bream or shad (depending on your location). I fish these baits in areas that hold schools of bluegill and other sunfish along weedlines and in cover such as fallen timber. Again, the square bill and its floating properties allow the bait to bounce off of cover, free of snags thus triggering bites from ambushing Bass.



(1.5 Finesse Square Bill) Collective Final Rating
Construction/Quality   10
Performance   10
Price   9
Features   9
Design (Ergonomics)   10
Application   9
Total Score 57
Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = MUST HAVE  


Lake Fork Trophy Lures logo


Lead Writer/Editor Jamie Wilson

Lead Writer/Editor Jamie Wilson

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